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Living in Burleson County
Property Taxes

Click here for an explanation of Texas Property Tax System.

Property values that determine your property tax bill are calculated by the Burleson County Appraisal District.  The Appraisal District is separate and not part of Burleson County Government.  The county is mandated by the state to contract with the appraisal district.  The county has limited ability to influence the administration of this agency.

Who governs a local county appraisal district?
A local board of directors governs the appraisal district.

How are directors chosen?
The governing bodies of taxing units that vote on the appraisal district’s budget (county, city, school and some conservation and reclamation districts) select the appraisal district’s directors. If the governing bodies do not select the county tax assessor-collector as a director, the county tax assessor-collector (if he or she collects the county’s taxes) serves as a non-voting director.

How is an appraisal district funded?
Each taxing unit located in that appraisal district pays its pro rata share of the budget. Some appraisal districts have adopted different funding mechanisms. Most appraisal districts base each taxing unit’s share on the amount of taxes levied by that unit compared to the total taxes levied by all units in the district.

How are appraisal review board (ARB) members appointed?
The board of directors of each appraisal district appoints the review board members. There is a different process for Harris and Fort Bend counties.

What qualifications must an individual meet to serve on the appraisal review board?
An individual must be a resident of the district for two or more years before taking office. No special requirements are necessary. An individual may not serve if he or she is an appraisal district director or an employee or officer of an appraisal district, tax office or Comptroller’s office. Also, an individual is ineligibile to serve in counties having a population of more than 100,000 until the fourth anniversary of the date the person ceased to serve as a member or officer of taxing unit for which the appraisal district appraises property or if the person has ever appeared before the review board for compensation. Finally, an individual cannot serve if he or she is closely related (second degree by blood or marriage) to an individual paid as a tax agent or is in the business of appraising property for tax purposes in the appraisal district.

ARB members may not contract with the appraisal district or with a taxing unit in the district. This includes the member or a business entity in which the member has a substantial interest.

Click here to go to the Burleson County Appraisal District website.