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Burleson Co. Government
Environmental Department

Jody Tillery
100 W. Buck St., Suite 303
Caldwell, TX 77836
Phone: 979-567-2360

All septic systems in Burleson County require permitting regardless of acreage. 


Residential - $330             Commercial - $540

OSSF Permitting
(septic system permitting)

OSSF Information
To search for a licensed OSSF professional by name or license number visit: TCEQ License Search

Property Owners Forms - as the property owner you are required to complete the documents below to request an On-Site Sewage Facility Permit (septic permit)
Visit this 911 Addressing page to verify your physical address BEFORE submitting your OSSF application.
Installer / Licensed Professional - as the installer or licensed professional you are required to complete the documents below as part of the OSSF application.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Outdoor Burning Regulations
Contact the Burleson County Sheriffs Office at (979) 567-4343 (option 0)  before you commence a burn.  Please visit the National Weather Service link below to see current and forecasted weather conditions  including wind speed and humidity.

National Weather Service Fire Weather

Exemption Agreement to Burn
This form must be submitted and approved during burn ban periods for any outdoor burning.

  • Do I have to apply for a septic permit? Yes, a person must hold a permit and an approved plan to construct, alter, repair, extend, or operate an on-site sewage disposal system. The ORDER ADOPTING RULES OF BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS FOR ON-SITE SEWAGE FACILITIES requires permitting for all septic systems within the county’s jurisdiction regardless of acreage.

    What are the proper steps to obtaining a permit to construct an OSSF?
    The property owner must complete an OSSF permit application, submit all required documents, and pay the proper permitting fee. For more information visit 

    Do I need a physical address for each septic system on my property?
    Yes. Burleson County addresses by driveway and structure. Each structure with an OSSF connected to it must have its own physical address. 

    How do I check to see if my OSSF has a permit?
    Burleson County Environmental will be able to search by the property’s address and/or property ID for any permits on file.

    I am buying property that has an existing OSSF. What do I need to do to connect to the OSSF?
    If you are connecting to an existing system contact the Burleson County Environmental office to transfer the ownership of that system. You will need to complete the OSSF application for the transfer of ownership and provide documentation on the sizing of the residence that is being connected such as floor plans. Burleson County will verify the system is permitted and sized correctly for connecting to the structure.

    Am I allowed to connect to an existing OSSF that is being used for other structures?
    To connect a new structure to an existing OSSF that is being used by an existing structure would be allowable only if the original design included both structures. If not, a new OSSF must be permitted for the new structure. TCEQ 285.2(2)

    Why are some of Burleson County’s rules regarding OSSFs different from the states rules?
    Burleson County adopted more stringent standards to provide greater public health and safety. The ORDER ADOPTING RULES OF BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS FOR ON-SITE SEWAGE FACILITIES can be viewed at

    Am I allowed to install my own OSSF (septic system)? No. Construction, installation, alteration, and extension of all on-site sewage facilities must be performed by a licensed installer. Home owners or property owners may not construct, install, extend or alter an on-site sewage facility of any type.

    What happens after I have filed an application for an OSSF permit? 
    The Burleson County Designated Representative will review the planning materials submitted and issue the Authorization-to-Construct to the installer you have chosen. The Burleson County Designated Representative must either approve or deny the planning materials you submitted with your OSSF permit application within 30 days after the receipt. TCEQ 285.3(c)

    Once construction of the system is complete the installer is responsible for requesting a construction inspection. 

    The permitting authority will issue the License to Operate, after the system passes the construction inspection. It is your responsibility as a property owner to see that you receive the License to Operate. This document should be kept with you homeowner records and proves that you have a legal septic system. Contact the Burleson County Environmental office within 7 days of the completed installation and inspection of your system if you have not received the License to Operate. 

    How much land do I need to have a septic system installed?

    Burleson County has adopted more stringent rules for lot sizing:

    As of November 1, 2023 the ORDER ADOPTING RULES OF BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS FOR ON-SITE SEWAGE FACILITIES was updated and the following is a summarization of the lot sizing rules: 

    With public water access you will need a minimum of 1 acre for each single family dwelling.

    With private well access you will need a minimum of 2 acres for each single family dwelling.

    Each living unit of a multi-family dwelling, including duplexes, shall be considered a single-family dwelling for the purpose of determining lot size.

    If the property was subdivided before November 1, 2023 then the following applies:
    Platted or unplatted subdivisions of single family dwellings served by a public water supply and using individual OSSFs for sewage disposal, shall have lots of at least 1/2 acre.
    Platted or unplatted subdivisions not served by a public water system and using individual OSSFs, shall have lots of at least one acre. 

    Smaller lots that were subdivided before January 1, 1988, may apply for an OSSF, but the OSSF must comply with the requirements set forth in Chapter 285 and the ORDER ADOPTING RULES OF BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS FOR ON-SITE SEWAGE FACILITIES. 

    For small lots, less than 1/2 acre, the system must be designed by a Registered Sanitarian or Professional Engineer, regardless of the system type. A lot must be large enough to allow the septic system to meet all the required setbacks.  

    Subdivision of Land / Rental Communities

    I want to subdivide some land, who do I need to talk to?
    If you are within a city, then that city will have authority.  If you are in the unincorporated area of the County you will deal with the Commissioner of that precinct, the County Engineer, and the County Judge, and if you are within the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of a city, they will also be involved. 

    I want to build a RV park / Mobile Home park / multi-unit residential property. What should I do?
    All rental communities are required to comply with the Burleson County Subdivision Regulations. Section E of the regulations deals with the standards for these communities. The regulations can be found at
    OSSF permitting is included as part of the Subdivision regulations.

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