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Burleson Co. Government
911 Addressing

Angie Jones
911 Addressing Database Coordinator
100 West Buck St., Suite 303, Caldwell, TX 77836
Phone: 979-567-2007

Office Hours
9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00 (closed for lunch)

Due to scheduling of out-of-office duties the addressing coordinator may be unavailable during normal business hours.

OUT OF OFFICE - 4/19/2024

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Address Request Form

    Can the paper form be emailed?  Yes, the form can be returned to the 911 Addressing office by email (on form), in person, or by postal mail. Please provide all required information when requesting your address. 

    How long does it take to get an address? Allow up to 5 business days but generally it takes less than 24 business hours to process an address request. Not common, but If road mapping is involved allow up to 4 weeks to complete the process.

    What is a Property ID and where do I find it? The property ID, also sometimes called the parcel ID or R# is available by searching the Burleson County Appraisal District website or on your property tax statement. View this document for steps: How do I locate my property ID?

    How do I get lat/long coordinates? Use these instructions, COORDINATES THRU GOOGLE MAPS, to get lat/long coordinates. 

    Is lat/long coordinates the same as GPS coordinates? Yes, GPS coordinates are most commonly expressed as latitude and longitude

    What is an aerial image? An aerial image is a satellite (overhead) image of the property. Most mapping services offer the ability to use satellite imagery to view the property. 

    What if there is not an established driveway? Burleson County assigns addresses based on the location of the driveway so if there is not an established driveway you may provide the proposed location of the driveway. Please note, after your address is assigned if you change the location of your driveway this may change the address.

    Why would I need a new 911 address if I’m just adding a barn, water well, or other structure on my property? Burleson County addresses by driveway and by structure. You may choose to use only one main address for mailing purposes, but separate addresses are needed for each structure that has electrical or solar power service to it.

    I requested an address but haven't received a response? Allow up to 5 business days but generally it takes less than 24 business hours to process an address request. If you still have not received a response please check you spam/junk folder with your email provider. You can also add to you email contacts to ensure you received email from this office.

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  • How do I get a mailbox or set up mailing?
    If you have recently requested a new address you should have received an address notification document, you can use this document to set up mailing by taking it to the appropriate post office. Otherwise, contact the Burleson County Addressing office for a verification of the physical address you would like to set up as a mailing address. The post office will require this verification in most cases. Once this verification is issued you may present it to the post office to set up mailing to that address. For questions regarding the location of your mailbox please contact the post office.

    Mailboxes on state highways :

    Why did my address change?
    The Burleson County Addressing Coordinator may require the owner or occupant of a property to change an address for one of, but not limited to, the following reasons:

    • Out of sequence with respect to your neighbors. Addresses need to progress in sequence along the road.
    • Odd number address on even side of the road or even number address on the odd side of the road.
    • Your house is on a private drive with 3 or more other structures accessed off that same private drive.
    • The road name/number designation has been changed.
    • Your address had to change as the result of other address changes.
    • The location of your driveway changed.

    Why doesn’t my 911 address come up on Google, Google Earth, Garmin, delivery services, or other software correctly?
    BVCOG is the central location for addressing within our 7 county region. Burleson County’s mapping information is sent to BVCOG weekly. Companies such as Google and other commercial GPS services can reach out to BVCOG for current mapping and GIS data, readily available to retrieve, including mapping for Burleson County. It is the responsibility of those agencies to update their databases with the provided information.

    In addition, BVCOG sends weekly data updates to the Regional Postmaster, which includes address changes or additions. However, mail services such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx are responsible for contacting the Regional Postmaster to retrieve updated or new data.

    Burleson County does not send mapping or addressing information directly to Google or other GPS services.

    What can I do to try to get your 911 address placement correct on Google, Google Earth, Garmin, FedEx, etc.?
    First, confirm your 911 address with our office at 979-567-2007. Once you have confirmed your address, you might choose to look your address up on whichever service you prefer to use. Many of them have a way to use their interactive tools on their website to enter your corrected address and/or location. They do not confirm this with our office directly, nor are they required to share this correction with any other company.

    Another option is to visit government website will walk you through the process in plain simple language to make corrections with commercial map providers like TomTom, Garmin, or Google, as well as Android phones. 

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Addressing Signs
911 Physical Address Signs
Signs purchased from Burleson County are to indicate the location of the residence, not the mailbox. The sign costs are: $ 12.00 single-sided or $ 14.00 double-sided. A 6” by 12-18” rust free green reflective aluminum plate with white reflective numbers will be used to make your sign.  911 physical address signs must be purchased in person. Signs cannot be shipped. We accept check or money order payable to: Burleson County. NO CASH. NO CREDIT CARDS.
Addressing Information for Developers (subdivisions, rv parks, multi-unit residential, etc)

Steps to Road/Street Naming in Burleson County for Developers  proposed road names must be reviewed by the Burleson County Addressing Coordinator to determine if the proposed road name follows the Burleson County Addressing Standards and Procedures. Submitting a list of proposed road names prior to submitting the plat for approval with commissioner’s court or city council is advised to prevent delays should the road name(s) need to be changed due to conflicts with County Addressing Standards and Procedures. ROAD NAME PRE-APPROVAL IS NOT SUBDIVISION APPLICATION APPROVAL AND ALL SUBDIVISION REGULATION PROCEDURES MUST BE COMPLETED.

  • It is the responsibility of the developer to request mapping of any newly established roads that are part of a new development/subdivision. All roads must be mapped, named, and go through a thorough validation process before an address can be issued. This process can take 3-4 weeks.
For developments needing multiple addresses please use the Request for Multiple Addresses form.
Other Information

Emergency Notifications! Now you can get voice notifications to either your cell or internet based phone and you can also register to get text and email alerts. Have a Twitter or Facebook account? You can get tweets and alerts on Facebook too!

Emergency Notification System

NextGen911 is here! Updates and upgrades are being made now and changes may need to occur to make sure the information our PSAP has is accurate.