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Burleson Co. Government
Burleson County Jail
1334 St. Hwy 21 E.
Caldwell, Texas 77836
Phone: 979-567-4343
Fax: 979-567-0615
Inmate Visitation
Sunday and Wednesday
Female 1:00pm until 2:00pm
Male 2:00pm until 4:00pm
  1. A visitor must be on the visitation list of the inmate or no visit will be granted.
  2. Visitors must be check in 30 min. prior to the end of visitation.
  3. All inmates must be here at least 72 hours before visits will be allowed.
  4. No one will be allowed to sign up for a visit until 30 min. prior to the start of visitation.
  5. One 20 min. visit will be allowed per person in jail. All visitors must visit during this session.
  6. Visitors will only be allowed to visit one inmate per visitation day.
  7. Children 18 years and younger must be accompanied by adult and must be a dependent of the inmate. Persons 16 years and older must present a valid picture ID or Driver’s license.
Inmate Phone Service
If you have Questions about the inmate phone service at this facility or want to set up an account to receive calls from an inmate at this facility contact Securus Correctional Billing Service at 1-800-844-6591 or online at

Inmate Commissary Services
Only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted for inmate commissary accounts. Money orders or cashiers checks must be made payable to BCSO and the inmates name. It must state on the money order or cashiers check whether it is for commissary or a phone card. Commissary orders are placed on Sunday nights.